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The annual Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo is the most important cultural event for Texans to demonstrate their culture and traditions. The Rodeo Parade signals the opening of the whole event, which begin at the end of February and lasts until around March 20.

Many participates begin their traditional wagon trip to Houston in mid-February, the way their ancesters travels to Texas from other parts of America. To honor the tradition, a large part of the parade features wagons and horses.

  • Where: downtown Houston
  • When: Last Saturday of February, 10-12am
  • Cost: free

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Image 1
image 1
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Horses and wagons are hightlights of the Rodeo Parade, reflecting the history of "Texans" traveling from east to Texas.

Image 2
image 2
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Cowboys, horses and wagons...

Image 3
image 3
600x400 (68 kb)
attracts eyeballs of visitors.

Image 4
image 4
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proudly waiving hands to visitors

Image 5
image 5
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and visitors return their favor.

Image 6
image 6
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There are floats in between wagons and horses,

Image 7
image 7
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and cheerleaders from Houston area high schools and universities...

Image 8
image 8
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... and marching band. What a scene!

Image 9
image 9
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Great idea! With rain coat on, no rain and no cold.

Image 10
image 10
403x600 (45 kb)
This brave lady has no fear of rain and cold...

Image 11
image 11
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And she is not alone.

Image 12
image 12
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This little umbrella is really cute.

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