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Yao Ming, Houston Rockets and Toyota Center
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Speaking of Houston, Yao Ming and the Rockets Basketball are one of our natural focus. We may have seen Rockets' games many times on TV, now we enter the Rockets' court -- the Toyota Center, to have a first hand experience what a live game is all about. Nothing beats the intensity of being inside the Rocket's homecourt.

Back to Yao Ming and the Rockets. When Yao first came to Houston, the Rockets were still playing in the Compaq Center. In September of 2003, Toyota Center became the home of Houston Rockets.

Toyota Center is not only for basketball, it is also home of the Houston Aeros, the hockey team. Yes, it is hockey. Since there is some overlap between basketball and hockey seasons, sometimes a hockey game was played the previous night, and you can still feel the icy cold when you play basketball.

Well, watching a live game is different from watching on TV, you may not see it clearly, but you have all the funs around you. That's something you don't have at home alone. When Toyota Center was open, we had a chance to experience and compare at all angles and positions.

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Image 1
image 1
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Toyota Center opened in September, 2003, and became the new home of the Houston Rockets.

Image 2
image 2
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The ticket may be expensive. At this position, it costs $120 or over, but the view may not as good as you thought.

Image 3
image 3
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The view in the suites may not be the best, but there are free food and drinks -- well, not on the day we visited.

Image 4
image 4
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Food and drinks are easy to find inside the Toyota Center.

Image 5
image 5
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Here is the least expensive (and most popular) seats in the arena, only $10. However, the view is not that bad compared ...

Image 6
image 6
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High in the ceiling there are banners of Rockets two NBA championships. If Michael Jordan did not go to play baseball, t...

Image 7
image 7
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This display, so called the sharpest in NBA, actually is not as good as your HDTV at home.

Image 8
image 8
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Now it's time to check in.

Image 9
image 9
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Portraits of Yan and T-Mac are hung at the entrance.

Image 10
image 10
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Children are so excited,

Image 11
image 11
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People are taking pictures together with the beautiful cheerleaders.

Image 12
image 12
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The players began warming up.

Image 13
image 13
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Image 14
image 14
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Then the lights are gone, and the public anouncer introduces each player with a special voice.

Image 15
image 15
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As the players entering, smoke is released.

Image 16
image 16
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